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Get Up Get Movin' is a motivational, fitness program designed to help people living sedentary lives to live healthier lives.  The 30-Day Challenges offered will change your life. This simple program will encourage daily, physical activity, and better nutrition choices. Small changes bring about big wins! This principle can be applied to various parts of our lives. We have the power, and we can "Choose to Change".

Kimberly Brown has always had a giving heart, and in 2015 she officially started The Love Network. It is an organization that promotes positivity and love through volunteerism. Whether it's giving away toys during the Christmas season, or backpacks and school supplies in the fall, Kimberly believes that everyone has something to "give back", and inspires those around her to do just that. Even a simple smile or a heart-felt hug can brighten someone's day!

Kimberly Brown has been a volunteer with the American Heart Association since 2007. She has inspired many in the fight against heart disease. Her commitment has been shown while serving in many capacities at various events. She wrote the song, "Get Up, Get Movin'", in an effort to encourage physical activity, and personal commitment to health. She currently serves as the Chair for the Twin Cities Go Red For Women Ambassadors. She was recently awarded the Twin Cities 2022 Community Impact Award.

Survive is not only the name of Kimberly Brown's forthcoming CD, but it is a reminder that it is not simply what you see that gives you the determination to press on; but it is what you believe that allows you to win. The song itself was co-written by Kimberly Brown and Steven Daniels of Xcentric Records, and it is already inspiring people everywhere. Survive events allow key survivors an opportunity to share their stories.  Music and motivation complete the evening, and everyone leaves better than they came.


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